The Basics of Selecting a Wedding Officiant.

The Basics of Selecting 

a Wedding Officiant

It is very rare that you'll ever find an ordained and licensed wedding officiant that is truly not good at what they do. The truth is, most officiants are very professional and strive to meet their client’s ceremony desires and needs. What the wedding couple really need to understand, is that the officiant search is really much more about finding the right wedding officiant for who you are as a couple. That said, let's break it down into manageable steps toward finding the wedding officiant that's right for your wedding and who you are as a couple.

First do a quick online search, you will find many officiants for your area along with several directories. While directories are helpful in locating wedding officiants in your general area a quick examination of the local wedding officiant "directory profiles" will only give you a quick overall feel for these officiants. Begin visiting their websites, don't just stop at the local directories’ profiles, these profiles are just snap shot presentations, not anywhere near the whole picture.

Too often couples rush through this process. It's important to take the time to visit the officiant's websites, get a feel for who they are and what they are about through their actual websites. The websites will speak volumes about the officiant and many provide helpful tips, ideas and information specific to your area, some may even have lists and links to trusted vendors they have worked with throughout the years... this is a bonus!

After viewing the officiant's websites pick at least three that appeal to you the most. Now that you have made the preliminary selections, make appointments with your chosen wedding officiants to speak with each one. Most officiants offer a free phone consultation for inquiring couples. Now here's important part: Engage in a real conversation! Actually, talk with the officiants you have selected, and don't be afraid to share details about how you envision your wedding ceremony, and if you aren't sure then ask each officiant for their suggestions. Be sure to take note of not only their suggestions, but more importantly, how you felt during the conversation. I suggest using a 1 to 5 point rating system to help you with the selection process with 5 being the highest and most desirable.

  • Was the conversation flowing and easy, was he or she easy to talk with?
  • Was the officiant a good listener...did they seem to understand your needs?
  • Did you feel personally comfortable, like you could open up and talk about anything with them, were you able to
  •         connect with them?
  • Did they have a sense of humor, did they seem to be flexible with your needs and wants?
  • Did you come away from the conversation feeling good about the interaction you had?

If you can rate the officiant on the high end to all of the above, then you may have just found the officiant that's right for you! 

Being able to truly connect and relate well with your wedding officiant will make all the difference in the success, overall flow and presentation of your wedding ceremony from start to finish. 

The fee should always rate last as a factor in your wedding officiant decision and rating process. Realistically, the wedding officiant will usually be the least expensive of all of your vendors and the one you should never consider looking to save a few dollars on.  If you are focused solely on the fee amount, you won't be able to hear and see what they will bring to your wedding ceremony experience. Instead, focus on the quality of the connection and the way you feel when you communicate with them. Remember without an officiant all you are doing is having a wedding themed party!

Pay attention to your gut feelings when choosing an officiant and follow it, it will make all the difference! 

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