Covid-19 Doesn’t have to stop your wedding day!

Covid-19 Doesn’t have to stop your wedding day!

Want to go ahead with your wedding day on your original date, then perhaps a 2-part wedding is right for you!  Many couples are finding themselves wanting to move forward with their selected date as it holds special meaning for them but Covid-19 and gathering restrictions are preventing them from having a party, so perhaps its time to change your wedding into a 2-part wedding!  Have your wedding ceremony on your planned date and then follow up with a reception or party once restrictions have been lifted, some even plan to host their reception / party on their one-year anniversary and include a renewal of vows ceremony! 


As an added option a number of couples are looking to the internet and services like Zoom to have their friends and family “virtually” present at their wedding ceremony, remember Coronavirus can’t cancel a live stream! If you choose to live stream your ceremony, be sure to think through the logistics before your wedding.


What you need to know to stream your wedding day:


·      Make sure you’ve set up your free Zoom account prior to the wedding day.

·      The free account on Zoom has a limit of 40 minute meetings, so make sure you’re streaming less than that limit so your ceremony isn’t cut off for your guests.

·      Test the signal at your ceremony spot. Some remote elopement locations may not be able to be streamed if there isn’t any service.

·      Make sure your guests know how to mute their microphones so you and other guests don’t hear unwanted background noise.

·      Have someone record the video conference! This will be a fun recording to look back on and see where everyone was during your wedding ceremony.

·      Ask your guests to still dress up like they were coming to your wedding! Let’s be real, we’re all looking for a reason to get out of our pyjamas these days anyways!


Whether you plan to move forward with your wedding date or postpone until later in the year or even to 2022, do what rights for you and your partner.  Covid-19: 0 - Love: 1


Daniel Johnson Officiant

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