Slow Down and Smell the Flowers… Three Simple Ways To Stop and Soak In Your Wedding Day

Slow Down and Smell the Flowers… Three Simple Ways To Stop and Soak In Your Wedding Day

If there’s one piece of advice all your married friends will give you for your wedding day it’s, “It goes by so fast. Slow down and soak it in.” Here are three simple tips to help you slow down and soak in your wedding day.

1. Take a minute and look in the mirror.

You only get to see your beautiful, bride or groom-to-be wedding day face one time. While getting ready slow down for a minute, look at yourself in the mirror and take in the memory of your smile on that day. You’ve been planning your outfit and/or hair and makeup for months. You’ve dreamed of your wedding day your whole life. Mentally remind yourself during your prep time to stop and look in the mirror. Soak in the significance that your wedding day is finally here. You will be married in a matter of hours. Take a deep breath and truly appreciate this moment. *Pro tip, this moment can make a great photo!


2. Walk, don’t run down the aisle.

The excitement builds up, adrenaline kicks in, but slow down your walk! This moment will only happen once. Hold tight to the person walking you down the aisle, appreciate them being at your side. Remember it. If you are walking by yourself, take a moment to appreciate your confidence and all that has brought you to your wedding day. As you walk look at all those attending your wedding beaming at your smiling face. Look around at your bridesmaids, groomsmen, & spouse. Soak in their happiness, love, and pride for you.


3. Enlist the help of the wedding day pros!

Build in moments of newlywed time. Your best allies in this are your photographer or wedding planner. Tell them when planning that you want some time just the two of you. These pros are organizer extraordinaires! They will ensure you get the perfect amount of time to stop and enjoy a few private moments together as a newly married couple. Maybe you’ll even get a sweet, candid photo op from it. During this time, slow down together. Look at your venue and each other. Soak in that this is your wedding day. It will help you be present and soak in every second of the party.

Your wedding day is one of the only days in your life in which you have all the people who love you in one room, at the same time. Make sure to slow it down and take a moment to appreciate it all. Best wishes on slowing down and soaking in every second of your wedding day!


Photo by Taylor Heery on Unsplash

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