How soon should we book you?

Your wedding officiant is the only part of the wedding day you must have in order to make it a legal marriage. No other service provider is a must. I recommend that as soon as you have your venue booked, book me.

How long is the ceremony?

The average length is 20 minutes. However, each ceremony is unique, so times vary depending on the components chosen.

Can we write our own vows?

Yes. If you do write them, I will ask you to read them to each other.

Can photos be taken during the ceremony?

Yes, I have no restrictions.

What do you wear?

I dress in professional business attire.

Do we need witnesses?

Yes, you require two witnesses, witnesses may be relatives, friends or colleagues and must be able to speak and understand the English legal documents they will be required to sign.

Will you marry us wherever we choose?

Yes, I will marry you at the location of your choice.

May I offer a gratuity?

Your testimonial and picture for my website is the greatest accolade you could offer! I always appreciate a referral.

Cancellation Policy

A wedding can be cancelled at anytime. In the case of a cancellation we will need, in writing, from the bride and/or groom that the wedding is actually cancelled. We cannot accept the word of any other family member or friend.

Refund Policies:

Deposit Refund: All deposits are refundable when cancellation is within 10 days of the booking date on the deposit receipt / confirmation, minus an administration fee of $25.00. No refunds are given for cancellations after 10 days of booking.

Balance Refund: Balance payments are refundable only if cancellation is within 10 days of the booking date on the deposit receipt / confirmation. Balances paid after the first 10 days of the booking date on the contract are not refundable.